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Mary Headshot.png
Why Mary?

I get things done!

Put me in charge of your projects so we can cross the finish line with style, a smile, and on budget.

Does your team need someone loyal, resilient, and endlessly enthusiastic who can drive positive change and deliver phenomenal results? Then take a close look at my experience and portfolio. As a professional, I take pride in my capacity for adaptation, taking every available opportunity to learn in an ongoing effort to make myself as versatile and valuable as possible.

I thrive in an environment where the unexpected is the norm, and I have the chance to engage with different stakeholders and work collaboratively to establish a collective vision and end goals. No matter what, I embrace the opportunity to take on new challenges and deliver beyond expectations while fostering an environment built on cooperation, clear communication, and consistency.

Well-rounded? Check. Team player? Check. Problem solver? Check.


The bottom line? With 25 years of communications and marketing experience, including creative projects of every size and scope -- your projects are in good hands with me! 


Content strategy, landing pages, articles, blog posts, infographics, social media posts, and more.


Long and short-form articles, scripts, newsletters, marketing pieces, press releases, and more.


Email marketing, newsletters, announcements, customer engagement, data analytics, and more.


Digital and print projects of any size from discovery, concept creation, to delivery.


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